How to find a builder

Making the decision to build a home requires a lot of planning. The most important decision is who will build this home? You should start your search by researching builders who build in the community in which you would like to live. Builders who work in that community will have experience with local zoning authorities, building departments and have subcontractors who work the area. Your builder should have systems and processes in place to make your experience a good one. Many other factors should be considered when hiring a builder.

Contact us for a free report: 10 questions to ask your builder before you build.

Do I need an architect or a designer?

The decision to hire a designer or an architect also should be carefully considered. House designers are much more affordable and might be all you need depending on your budget and your builder. Architects typically are more expensive but the money spent is normally well worth the investment. A quality architect will head off many "field decisions" which can cause cost overruns and slower building process. Many tract builders will have their own house designers or in house designs proven and ready to go.

Contact us for a free report: 10 questions to consider before hiring a house designer

How to find a building lot

Most lots are purchased through developers who have taken plots of land, subdivided it, and made available through a builder to build your house. There are, however, leftover building lots available in many subdivisions that have utilities readily available and no clearing costs. Many of these properties are listed on the MLS but some are not.

Contact us for a list of lots that are currently available and a checklist of what constitutes a good building lot.

How do I finance my project?

Most folks who have decided to build their home also have a home to sell. Part of your planning is to get financing into place that allows you to start the project while still living in your current home. Most people use lenders who will either do a construction loan, or a bridge loan, or use the builder to finance the start of the project. Many builders will start your home with a small downpayment and provide financing.

Contact us for list of lenders who specialize in this type of loan. Also ask us about "Assured Home Sale Program". This program gives you multiple options and confidence to move forward with your project.

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